The number of consumers who wish to become better informed about their own health is on the rise and the demand for consumer initiated testing has increased.


To serve these consumers, Healthy Solutions MD offers screening tests for certain conditions, as well as full health screening tests for men and women. 


Healthy Solutions MD is a lab testing service that provides a convenient, confidential, reliable and affordable lab testing for consumers to take control of their healthcare costs and provide them access to their health information.  All lab tests are performed by nationally recognized and CLIA Certified laboratories.


A survey of testing patients showed the following reasons for having testing done: 

  • no insurance or high deductible (31%)

  • early data (18%)  

  • doctor visit preparation (18%)

  • convenience (13%)

  • second opinion (10%)

  • privacy (6%)

  • obtain tests for which insurance will not pay (4%)  


Customers of Healthy Solutions MD are encouraged to consult with their physicians about their results.


If you’re a Business or Organization and want a discount on our services for your Company and your Employees, we have a program designed just for you. 

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